Who we are and what we do

SMP Solutions make communications happen.

Make communications happen the way they should. Happen for the right price. Happen on time.

SMP was formed to meet the needs of frustrated procurement teams and print buyers. Our offer? Commitment to service, total attention to detail and a razor sharp attitude to value.

More than that, we’ve always had a huge ‘can do’ attitude – we made our name by saying “yes”, over and over again.

In ten years the world has moved on. So have we. Our capabilities have grown to keep pace with the digital age. Print remains a key component of our business; alongside it now sit graphic design, direct mail, digital asset management, virtual warehousing, web design, building and hosting, digital messaging services, promotional item sourcing – the skill set has grown and grown.

But two things haven’t changed. That ‘can do’ attitude. That willingness to say “yes”. And that razor sharp attitude to value.

And the great thing is, with this full suite of communication services, we can say “yes” to more tasks than ever.

SMP are true champions of the creative process. Simon and his team have the ability and experience to think the job through, and see opportunities the art director or writer may have missed. Everybody wants their work to look good, SMP want it to look the best. Tight deadlines don’t change their thinking... they relish a challenge, and never fail to ‘get it done’.

- Jeremy Littlejohn
/  Work Communications